Borrowing rate for a Student Loan

To contact a student loan to finance his studies and his daily life? This is the question that many young French people face, once the baccalaureate is in their pocket. Most banks offer this type of credit, some at attractive rates. Quick student loan manual to take stock.


Student credit, for whom, for what?

Student credit, for whom, for what?

To benefit from a student loan, you must be 18 to 28 years old and of French nationality. If no proof of use of funds is required, however documents attesting to enrollment in a French higher education institution will be required. In the absence of a borrower’s income, a third party’s deposit is also imposed by the lender.

Loans without an earmarked destination, the student loan can contribute to the financing of a university or any other institution of higher education as well as the payment of rent and the financing of all current expenses (including leisure).


Is student credit interesting?

Is student credit interesting?

Given the particularly low loan rate, the student loan is now a wise solution to study with confidence! Student credit rates are indeed around 1%, sometimes less!

Depending on the institution, one can borrow up to nearly 50,000 euros over more than 10 years. The chosen course and the level of studies count in the amount of the loan granted.

The more prestigious the sector, the more the loan will be important and the access conditions facilitated: the bankers hope to retain future high-income customers. Similarly, the amount of the loan will be proportional to the level of education: the higher it will be, the more the borrower can claim a substantial sum.

It should be noted that some schools and faculties have set up partnerships with banking institutions allowing their students to access loans at favorable rates in a simpler and faster way.


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